Best kids summer camp in Augusta, Georgia! Greubel's Mixed Martial Arts summer camp gives your children the opportunity to spend time doing positive, educational, and engaging activities. Their summer camp also gives them a chance to learn and experience the discipline of martial arts right here in Augusta, Georgia! For more information please call 706-737-0911 or visit

Our Martial Arts SUMMER CAMP activities include:

  • Learning basic kickboxing offense and defense

  • Learning jiu jitsu basics

  • Ninja Obstacle courses

  • Arts and Crafts

  • Weekly field trips

  • Movies

  • Games

  • Exercise

Meet new friends!

The kids at our summer camp get to meet awesome new friends as they enjoy a fun filled Kids Summer Camp! Lots of activities to keep the kids engaged!

Your kids get martial arts lesson from the Head Coach of TEAM USA KICKBOXING (click here to see Mark Greubel listed as Head Coach of WAKO team USA Kickboxing) at our Summer Camp!!

Weekly Field Trips!

The kids have a new and exciting field trip each week at Greubel's MMA's Kids Summer Camp!

Coolest Kids Summer Camp Van!

Your children are safely transported on their field trips in our Mercedes Sprinter Team Van!

Fun Time!

Classic board games and interaction with other children allow your children to practice "unplugging" from electronics. This reinforces the fact that there are other ways to have fun than the "I-PAD".


A welcome change in a world where I-PADS and VIDEO GAMES rule!